Exclusive Koi ponds - We work worldwide!

Gain an overview of our work, including of course our exclusive Koi ponds, Japanese gardens, as well as rock gardens and many design ideas.


We will attend you with every step of your koi pond. We rely on modern 3D technology when it comes to planning. Depending on which planning phase the project is in different sketches are required. Of course we offer you all garden related work from a single source. In the following you will get an overview of the planning tasks.



Once the construction phase begins, the planning of your koi pond is put into action. Our on-site team consists of skilled and experienced staff who are equipped with all relevant information before starting work. The Construction phase is monitored by a sought out foreman so our team can implement all building tasks swift and well.



Only with proper planting a koi pond becomes a distinctive resting place. Designing is a sensitive and above all creative process, which should consider the special nature of plants and their special care.


Care and service

Since the botanical residents of your koi pond arrangement have their own individual needs to present themselves in different ways during the seasons and display very own life cycles, it is obvious that horticultural care by a specialist will generate the best result possible.