A little dirt and noise can’t be avoided when building with soil, stone, and water, of course. After all, your garden space should be built on a solid foundation and fit perfectly into its surroundings and your existing structures. If necessary, we will literally move mountains, all the while keeping our schedule in mind.


Moving earth is one of the first, yet fundamental tasks when building your new garden. Sometimes, only a gentle levelling is necessary, but sometimes unsuitable ground must be swapped out for better soil. Sometimes, we will have to undertake a more extensive terrain modulation before we can start digging trenches and laying supply lines. All of these works are carried out by our excavation professionals with the greatest care.


Water is an important element for us as garden and landscape builders. On the one hand, because it’s necessary for plants to thrive and serves the koi as their habitat. But, on the other hand, because it requires sophisticated management. In the construction phase, we have to do what it takes to ensure that there will never be too much water in your new garden. Our main focus is on draining away the rainwater or collecting it for use in sprinkler systems.


When you build a koi pond, you have a wide variety of shapes and structures to choose from. Whether as a natural pond, a stream with or without a source, a fountain, or even something as vast as a moat, each of these options requires skill and experience. Our qualified employees have both. And your koi will also appreciate a varied, diversified environment.