With Borsch to the individual garden dream

Garden Design

From the initial idea to the garden of your dream, we offer everything from a single source. In order to arrive at a garden design that will thrive for years, we make sure that our plans are practical from the start. Have a very special idea? No problem! Borsch is your expert for a comprehensive garden design that will inspire you again and again for decades to come.

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Our team of experienced landscape architects provide a unique and individual approach when planning a garden. You will be able to marvel at a detailed, scale model of your future garden before the digging gets started. We use modern 3-D technology that will give you and us a complete overview of your horticultural project.

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Turning the soil for the first time is a very special moment, even for us after more than 25 years' experience as professional garden designers. All of the trades in our on-site team are skilled and experienced masters of their craft. Even in the construction phase, we also rely on our own carpenters and technicians, allowing us to proceed individually and flexibly as the project evolves.

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It takes the right plants to make an outdoor space truly unique and eye-catching. Designing with living things is a sensitive and creative process where we take into account the specific characteristics of each plant and how they change over time. The key is choosing the right plants. No matter what part of the earth the plants come from, we know of no boundaries for your perfect garden.

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Once the garden has been planted, the developmental stage starts by the second season at the latest. Given that each plant in your garden has its own individual needs, it is important to have specialists take care of your garden.

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